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You & Your Factory

A shared workflow for you and your manufacturers.

Visual communication through a single platform ensures both you and your manufacturer know what to expect. Every. Single. Time.

Shared, structured workspaces & workflows for collaboration with your supply chain partners.


Making clothes hasn’t been getting any easier. For both you or your manufacturer.

The problems you deal with—timezones, language barriers and travel restrictions—are just the obvious ones.

Manufacturers working with more brands on shorter runs are working harder to produce the same amount of output. They’re fielding emails and messages from all of their clients in an unstructured way and they’re drowning in it. If they miss one small detail it can result in a production run that goes to waste. They burden the cost of many mistakes whilst you only directly lose time.


Frustrated by the communication ping-pong.

Most brands feel like they are stuck in a loop with their manufacturers when they are really just using the wrong systems to work with them.

Email is great to keep a history but makes finding things and managing versions supremely hard. WhatsApp & WeChat feel lightning fast, but it’s super easy to miss stuff.


Tools just ain’t built for this 2-sided stuff.

You’ve probably tried to communicate lots of ways and do it differently for manufacturers and within your team….and yet failed.

If you want your factories to use your systems you need them to be designed around their needs, not just yours.


Smooth is fast.

Give consistency to how things are done with standard operating processes, documents and communication.

A shared supplier workspace for collaborating with your supply partners.

Get the right foundations in place.

Replace file sharing, Excel files and WhatsApp groups with one platform designed for doing all of this in a structured way.

When you get everything organised for your team you lay the foundation for sharing with your suppliers in a structured way.

Start sharing with confidence.

Structured sharing with privacy controls designed to save you blushes.

Everything in SupplyCompass has been designed with how you’ll want to share it or collaborate on it with your manufacturer.

Build trust.

Create accountability with a shared system and way of working.

Using a shared system will keep you updated on each other’s progress. This means less time on transactional stuff and more time working on your relationship.

Investing in supplier collaboration pays for itself.

A shared supplier workspace for collaborating with your supply partners.

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This is product development for creative people, for people working in FASHION, who deserve great design and functionality.

Spend less time scrambling for stuff, asking your teammates and wasting time in production meetings, with information at your fingertips.

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