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Tracking and Organising

You know where everything is at. Instantly.

Get a birds-eye view you can trust to put an end to siloed information. 

One unified home for product.

Projects, collections, styles, materials — become an organizational wizard.

Give a clear structure to collections and drops. More than just your standard folders, this is a more visual way to organise everything with timelines and large thumbnails.

Every style, tracked live.

Get complete visibility of your critical path has dates change and steps get done.


Choose default milestones or create custom milestones and columns. 

Set target dates and collaboratively agree on them with your manufacturers. 

Easily download the style tracker into excel sheets to be used offline.

Every change you make to milestones are tracked in the activity feed.  You’ll be able to see who performed this action and when.

Highlight changes made by both your team and manufacturers.

“Time—it’s an important one. How agile are we and how few errors do we make? How fast can we move on things, for everyone? What I’m seeing is that we have better visibility and the timelines are coming down. We managed to cut the supply times, the just-in-time materially, by 43%.”


Sample management streamlined.

Shorter sampling rounds, faster speed to market, and more accurate product.


1 E-mail notification, so you don’t miss a thing, with links that need your attention. Not 100 that clog up your inbox.

“Every fashion brand has its own process and how they work. SupplyCompass has given us the ability to grow in our own way—it’s very important for us to have the ability to be flexible. We finally found a system that matches our ambition. ”


Discover how ambitious product people create and drop





collections with SupplyCompass

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