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Product Development


Intuitive product development for creative people.

There’s nothing worse than designers, product developers and creative teams having to stare at Excel sheets more than the actual creative stuff. That’s why we created beautifully-designed features that help teams focus on the important stuff, without a sweat.


“Probably the most frustrating thing for a designer is that you’ve got a vision in your head, and then you feel like the prototype hasn’t been executed right. How have they got so far off the mark? It could even be as simple as them (manufacturers) downloading your tech pack and there’s a lot to digest and some other teammate cannot understand what you’re talking about.”

Flexible Tech Packs.

Create consistent tech packs for even your most complex products in minutes, so nothing ever goes missing.


“SupplyCompass just simplifies the creative process. I think the communication piece around it is one of the best parts. You give something to your factory in a really concise way, that’s easy to digest.”



Everyone on your team on the same tech pack.

Also known as real-time collaboration.

Real-time collaboration so your team can work on the same tech pack, the same project at the same time, without passing the parcel, presentation or slide-deck around.

Visual libraries to manage the building blocks for styles.

Plus unlimited storage so you can say goodbye to drives.

Store, sync, drag & drop and reuse, season after season. Reuse cards, files and templates, confident you wont make any mistake with consistency.

A visual material library with all your relevant material data in one place.

Components cover trims, embellishments, attachments, labels, and more.

Create and manage colour palettes in TCX, TPX, RGB, Hex and more.

Create and manage dimension cards, construction images and blocks as templates.

Link + sync files across locations, completely replacing cloud storage.

Goodbye, photo-editing apps.

All the critical numbers, without the boring data entry.

The powerful in-built image editor allows you to quickly edit and doodle on any image, from moodboard inspo to digital samples to share with your team and manufacturers

Every measurement recorded precisely.

All the critical numbers, without the boring data entry.

Keep track of fit rounds, auto-grade and easily see which factory measurements are out of tolerance with auto-highlighting. Never make a critical mistake before going into production.

“Staying ahead of our competition starts with getting ahead in product development. It’s where the deadlines get made or missed. 


Visual feedback that just makes more sense.

Photograph, drag + drop images, annotate and add comments, in a quick, fool-proof way.

Fit and sample feedback flows are designed around in-person fit sessions to make it easy to give visual feedback to every style.  Annotate images, add photos and comments and modify them before submitting them to the factory.

Smooth Approvals

Everything you feedback, approve and reject will be captured and logged against your style forever—Boom!​.

Request, give feedback and approve lab dips, swatches, strike-offs and trims from the sampling area or within tech pack cards. You and your factory always know who approved what and when within the tech pack.

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