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SKU Explorer

A home for product data.

Disconnected spreadsheets and systems result in product data being stored in multiple places. If you are not in control of your data how can you trust it? 

Go-to-market faster with one shared home for all your product data.


 Looking everywhere to get a simple product question answered?

Product data is everyone’s business but it doesn’t need to be so complicated to organise and share it with your team.

It is super bitty and hard to search google sheets and attachments. How do you know if product data is accurate? Product development change things all the time but not everyone gets the updates. Then mistakes happen and they cost more than you could have imagined possible.


“>The Inventory Bible

This sheet has to end.

Either it’s offline in Excel or you’re at the limits of Google Sheets. However you try to manage it people will make their own versions, delete things and waste time.


If it happens to a style in SupplyCompass you’ll be able to find out about it in SKU Explorer. No spreadsheets, questions or chasing people required.

Instantly report on any product changes.

Live data is pulled from your latest techpacks, collections and projects so you can trust it isn’t out of date.

Create the views of product information people need and then export it to Excel, CSV or share it on a URL.

Give the people what they need.

Quickly filter and export your product data.

SKU Explorer makes it easy to search, filter and get the product information they need. 

Software that looks great but functions even better.

Creative people will navigate a visual product library more easily than the rows of your spreadsheets. 

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This is product development for creative people, for people working in FASHION, who deserve great design and functionality.

Spend less time scrambling for stuff, asking your teammates and wasting time in production meetings, with information at your fingertips.

Worried if your manufacturers will adopt SupplyCompass? This is the page that will convince you (and them) they’ll love it.

Now take a look at our Product Guide.

If you’re still having doubts, our Product Features Guide has got you sorted. We break down all our features and sub-features, explaining how you can use them and what makes them tick, so you can understand how SupplyCompass can help SMEs like you.