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Every product in one place

1 place. Not 100.

Create a visual, organised and searchable home for your files, documents and versions that stays structured for you.

The structured workspace for fashion design, development, production and delivery.


Sticking to a structure for naming and storing files is harder than it sounds.


In lots of meetings and making reports?

With everyone working in their own way, the only way to get on the same page is to meet or make reports.

Meetings become a waste of time when no one has any answers and everyone is just searching for information.


Moving between systems all the time?

None of the tools are connected up properly so you end up doing loadsa downloads and uploads.

You’re never going to find things if you’re moving them around the whole time. Growing teams need structure to stay organised and free them up to make better decisions.


A structured workspace to take care of it.

Say goodbye to messy drives, expired WeTransfer links and forgotten attachments.

The end of frantic scrambling.

Production meetings that are, well, productive.

Quickly find what you’re looking for, and get instant answers to questions. With everything in SupplyCompass everyone will always be looking at the same info.

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Point everyone in the right direction.

With everything organised in one place you’ll get interrupted much less.

Everyone depends on product development for answers and results to make their part of the business runs smoothly.

Your team can go from being gatekeepers of information to enablers. Structured information that is searchable and easy to navigate helps people to answer their own questions.

Product leaders like you are finding this pays for itself many times over.

Find out how you can create better products in less time and make fewer mistakes with SupplyCompass.

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This is product development for creative people, for people working in FASHION, who deserve great design and functionality.

Spend less time scrambling for stuff, asking your teammates and wasting time in production meetings, with information at your fingertips.

Worried if your manufacturers will adopt SupplyCompass? This is the page that will convince you (and them) they’ll love it.

Now take a look at our Product Guide.

If you’re still having doubts, our Product Features Guide has got you sorted. We break down all our features and sub-features, explaining how you can use them and what makes them tick, so you can understand how SupplyCompass can help SMEs like you.