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We've just launched The SupplyCompass Product Features Guide.

We’ve launched our comprehensive Product Features Guide!
Nov 30 2021

We’ve launched our comprehensive Product Features Guide!

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PSA ????: We’ve just launched The SupplyCompass Product Features Guide. We break down all our 95+ features and sub-features, explaining how you can use them and what makes them tick—so you can understand how SupplyCompass can help SME fashion brands like you.

Get the guide here.

Who is this guide for?

We know it’s hard to compare products and really understand if a product is going to answer all your prayers from a website. If you are anyone in a fashion brand—CEO, founder, designer, production manager, buyer— and are exploring SupplyCompass or scouting the market for product development technology, PLMs, or really anything that can help you work quicker and smarter, you’ll find this guide useful.

What does it do?

We’ve taken everything that our product has to offer and organised it down into three broad areas — Product Development,  Tracking & Organisation and Shared Supplier Workspace. Each of these areas has features and sub-features with clear descriptions so you’ll understand how we’ve designed a product to help you create the best workflow.

The Top 5 Features

Here’s a sneak peek of a few of our favourite features:


Manage the building blocks for creating your styles and link cards so updates are reflected across all linked styles. Standardised data fields make searching, filtering and managing information easier. Includes material, component, colour and file libraries.

Approvals management

Request, give feedback and approve labdips, swatches, strike-offs and trims from the sampling area or from within tech pack cards. You and your factory always know who approved what, and when, from within the tech pack. Everything you feedback, approve and reject will be captured and logged against your style forever.

Sample Management

Track every sample you request. You can see the status of samples from within a tech pack, in a project or across your whole business. Get email notifications with DHL tracking numbers and a summary of what’s been dispatched by your factory. Track status of samples. Automated status change trigger by actions — requested, in progress, action needed, completed and approved/rejected.

Supplier relationship management

Invite all of your suppliers into SupplyCompass and keep a record of who you work with, your live projects, past projects and every interaction with a factory you have in one place. Includes dedicated brand and manufacturer platforms, manufacturer profiles and supplier directories.

Contextual Conversations

Have conversations about the style together in shared Style Threads or make specific comments to sample orders, fit and feedback.

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Nayanika Bharadwaj
Sustainability and Marketing at SupplyCompass

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Nayanika is a designer, writer and illustrator whose work spans research, storytelling and strategy for sustainability in fashion. Her interests specifically lie in sustainable supply chains, craft production/innovation, circular economies and design for social innovation. She graduated from the prestigious MA Fashion Futures program at London College of Fashion with a Distinction in 2019, and has researched at and written for Centre for Sustainable Fashion and Fashion Revolution, amongst others.

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