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We're building the SupplyCompass Co:Lab! · SupplyCompass

We’re building the SupplyCompass Co:Lab!

4 minutes Jul 1


by Nayanika Bharadwaj in Technology

At SupplyCompass HQ, we’re super excited to announce something special we’ve been working on behind the scenes.

Drum roll please….

The SupplyCompass Co:Lab!

So what is The Co:lab ⚗️?

The SupplyCompass Co:Lab is a hub created for the fashion industry to discover, play, learn, and connect. Joining the dots across the very, very complex ecosystem, we built the Co:Lab for anyone who envisions a more interconnected, collaborative and responsible future for fashion. 

The Eco-System – Find new organizations and services to help buy, learn, scale or take action.

Learning – Discover new multimedia resources on sustainability + technology

Community – And connect with people who also believe in a more collaborative fashion industry.

Why did we commit to building it?

The fashion industry often feels disorganised, with lots of different entities often working separately instead of with each other. 

From experience, we know a LOT of time is spent trying to find information and often the right connections are never made simply because of ignorance or just lack of knowledge. Simply put, we think understanding systems is vital, for many reasons. Building innovation faster, creating more opportunities, being more inclusive, working towards solving the climate crisis, enjoying creative work again…. 

As a systems enabler, we want to help create surfaces that connect these dots so the larger system becomes more organised and visible to everyone working in it. Easy-peasy.

Check it out here!

First up—The Eco-System

Resources are all across the internet and every day we had been discovering a new company through different mediums, bringing in real value to fashion brands. We realised how hard it is for fashion brands to keep up, scale, innovate and grow their network with the sheer amount of information in the vortex we call the internet—so we decided to do all the research for you.

The result? The Eco-System. From Shopify agencies, to platforms & hubs, independent marketplaces and logistics companies, we’ve curated as many fashion service providers as possible, with a special focus on sustainability, in one place for people to discover and build their network of contacts.

Use our filters based on what you want to do or by category of service (we have 17!) to find orgs or simply type in a key word in the search bar.


What we’d love from you

The Co:Lab is a free, public and collaborative resource.  We want it to be as useful as possible to as many people and for that we need the word spread far and wide. Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, your blog—whichever medium you are most active on or fancy.

Tag us @supplycompass and we’ll do a little happy dance.

We hope you find exploring the Eco-System very useful indeed!

P.P.S What’s next coming next? We’ll be focusing on our learning and content space (We’re still deciding on a cool enough name!). PLUS, We are currently writing a playbook-of-sorts that combines Team SupplyCompass’s collective expertise in collaborative fashion production combined with technology. Exciting!

Explore the Co:Lab

A public, collaborative hub for the fashion industry

Explore now

Nayanika Bharadwaj
Sustainability and Marketing at SupplyCompass

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Nayanika is a designer, writer and illustrator whose work spans research, storytelling and strategy for sustainability in fashion. Her interests specifically lie in sustainable supply chains, craft production/innovation, circular economies and design for social innovation. She graduated from the prestigious MA Fashion Futures program at London College of Fashion with a Distinction in 2019, and has researched at and written for Centre for Sustainable Fashion and Fashion Revolution, amongst others.

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