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The Production Platform for Manufacturers · SupplyCompass

Build a shared workflow with your manufacturers

Manage all your orders easily,
from one platform

Work collaboratively from one place with all your customers. Receive structured, clear tech packs and easily manage all sample requests, submissions and approvals from one simple board. Keep track of RFQs, price negotiations and approvals and manage purchase orders and invoices in one platform.

One Platform for Brands & Manufacturers


The SupplyCompass Production Platform


Spend less time managing,
more time producing

Standardised tech packs, designed by factories

  • Standardised structure and layout across all your customers—you know what to find where every time
  • View all brand tech packs from one platform, click thumbnails to view and print PDFs in seconds
  • See clearly what’s been approved—no more endless excel documents and easy-to-miss approvals via email

No more fragmented communication across hundreds of email threads and WhatsApp messages

  • Internal and external real-time communication, structured by orders via in-platform chat
  • Share links and files in Chat—no more issues uploading and downloading from file transfer sites
  • Get email notifications when team members make comments

Never miss a sample request again

  • Easy Kanban board to manage all sample orders
  • One-click Tech Pack view, add sample costs and upload sample options
  • Easy tracking—mark as dispatched and input courier details

Easily track brand feedback and approvals

  • Capture factory fit measurements digital in the platform—no need for endless excel sheets or print outs
  • Auto highlight out of tolerance, add fit comments directly
  • View sample feedback within a tab in the tech pack—feedback with clear annotations and time-stamped comments and approvals

Manage and keep track of costs

  • Manage all your RFQs across all customers from one dashboard, with direct links to tech packs
  • Manage payment terms and easily make comments at a cost level
  • With easy recosting, track history and see what’s been approved by the brand

Collaborate on POs and order documents in one place

  • No more endless email threads to manage purchase orders and additional order-related documents
  • Comment and collaborate on Purchase Orders live in the platform
  • Manage address, delivery dates and terms

What manufacturers say
about us

Having all the production information and communication in one place saves me and my team a lot of time, and really helps reduce the amount of communication back and forth. It has helped us to improve product quality and just generally make our service better. Plus, it’s super quick and easy to learn—I love it!

— Jambu

GOTS and GRS-certified Factory Owner, South India

What manufacturers say
about collaborating through SupplyCompass

Compared to our past experiences with similar companies, working with SupplyCompass has been a refreshing change; they are transparent and upfront, and they treat you as an equal in the partnership to make the business succeed.

— Sundar

Founder of Leather Accessories Factory, South India

What manufacturers say
about us

The Platform is very user-friendly, it helps us to instantly to give and get feedback, and maintain a proper communication flow between the client and our merchandising team. The biggest benefit is having more clarity on what exactly is required! I would recommend SupplyCompass to both brands and manufacturers so we can all avoid wastage, rework and communication delays.

— Mano

Director, Textiles and Garment Manufacturer, South India

What manufacturers say
about us

I’d love to recommend SupplyCompass! I foresee that this platform is going to bring about a big revolution in this industry, where people are struggling to keep records for communication, filings and approvals. Now they can focus on production and sales! It was my dream to bring some change in this industry; SupplyCompass has come with that idea and I’d love to see people use it.

— Smita

Director, Garment Manufacturer, Delhi, India

The Production Platform for fashion manufacturers
  • Improve quality: Less miscommunication and confusion over designs, standardised tech packs and structured process
  • Drive Efficiency: Spend less time on email, reduce repetitive, manual tasks and manage all brands from one place.
  • Save costs: Get approval on costs and produce fewer sample.
  • Be in control: Always know what’s been approved, when.

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