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Building sustainable supply chains is hard. Users of our platform can opt to get introduced to these supply chains. We’ve handpicked only the best manufacturers and suppliers around the world to be part of our network. We personally visit and vet every single supply chain to ensure they are aligned with our values and meet our environmental and social guidelines.


Our process

We have taken years to build our growing network of trusted manufacturers and suppliers and sustainable supply chains. What do we look for? Leading social and environmental certifications, high-quality products, reliability, good communication, and flexibility with minimums as a starting point. Beyond this, it is ultimately about people. We look for the best people, who are committed to a long-term partnership with us, who share our values and understand the importance of sustainability and transparency from day one. We value a progressive mindset, openness to evolve, and people who like to collaborate rather than compete.


All of our factory partners are carefully handpicked by our team and go through a series of onboarding processes to become part of our network.

Visited & vetted

We personally visit all of our partners before they become part of our network to ensure first hand that they are aligned with our way of working, values, code of conduct and quality standards.


We continue to keep track of key information, performance, quality and certification validity once they become partners. Our team conducts regular visits to check in.

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