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Platform overview

The Production Platform for Fashion

Design sustainable collections, source materials, collaborate on sampling and manage production—all in one place.

Share inspiration and design, together.

  • Don’t lose track of inspiration, easily save all ideas in one place
  • Share with your team and manufacturers and make collaboration seamless, and in real time
  • Providing clarity to moodboards and annotate the parts you like

Request & keep track of all costs

  • Easily send out and keep track RFQs
  • Compare costs across a range of quantities and manufacturers
  • Renegotiate, approve and manage all costs in one place

A smart tech pack

  • Easily navigate and manage product information across all your collections in one place.
  • Intuitive to use, quick to create and a standardised format – avoid missed information.
  • Ensure your factory and team are working from a single source of truth. Never share the wrong version again!

Build and manage digital libraries

  • Add and manage all product information in libraries; easily keep a record of all important data and avoid repetitive work
  • Add library cards to styles in one click
  • Browse sustainable material libraries, and get further traceability

Instant access to trusted supply chains

  • We personally visit and vetted every single partner who joins our network.
  • We look for leading certifications, consistently high quality products, flexible MOQs, great communication and reliable delivery dates
  • Get matched and start working with one of our manufacturers immediately. Save time and money flying around the world visiting trade shows and factories

Easily request & track samples

  • Request all samples from the platform and keep track of the status of each order
  • Approve photos of your samples before they’re sent, no surprises!
  • Keep track how many samples you’ve ordered each season so you can look to reduce the next

Keep track of samples and approvals

  • A clear overview of the status of all styles across all collections – full visibility and control for your whole team
  • Easily see what actions are required, and make approvals and revisions with your team, from one dashboard
  • This is the end of endless scrolling through email

Give feedback and approvals, collaboratively.

  • Fit sessions made easy, collaborate together in real time, without needing to be together
  • Upload images and annotate with your comments
  • No more lost feedback, make it clear and easy for your manufacturer to understand