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Case Study

Patch is a British online plant store helping grey cities become greener by delivering a range of plants straight to your door. Patch wants to work to remove barriers for people living with more plants, and their mission is to create greener, not greyer cities. From their start in 2015, they now have their headquarters in London and their logistics centre in The Netherlands, and they sell their plants UK-wide. They have ambitious expansion plans across mainland Europe in the next years.

We worked with Patch to design and develop an FSC-certified wooden plant stand, which has become a top-selling plant accessory line.

The outcome

We always try and look for suppliers that are akin to our brand, so we’re working together and growing together—SupplyCompass is a great example of this. Ideally, we look for smaller players rather than massive producers, and those that have big ambitions that we can partner with.

Retail Lead at Patch

We have worked with Patch since 2017, where we guided them through the process of launching their own plant accessory product—a Patch-branded, wooden plant stand made of FSC-certified, responsibly sourced acacia wood. 

We set out to create this collection with Patch by matching them with our manufacturing partner in Delhi, India as we recognised strong alignment between both businesses. We now continue to work with them on managing production for this line, looking after order management, forecasting, quality control and logistics. Since launching the product, it has grown into an accessory range that now comes in four sizes and is a consistent top-seller.

Our manufacturer in India produces a variety of products from tables, shelves, and chairs to upholstered pieces such as sofas, armchairs, and poufs, in metal, wood, rattan, glass and jute. We picked them because they offer a large variety of products and services that are consistent, reliable and fully meet their customers’ needs and expectations. They are also excellent at communication, have a strong merchandising team and are certified by Sedex, FSC and India’s Vriksh certification for wood, making them a perfect match for Patch.

Read our profile for this manufacturing partner in detail.

We find it very easy to work with businesses that are similar to us – young and ambitious. Without SupplyCompass, we couldn’t manage all the production on our own, as we don’t have the resources to travel, connect with factories in India, and compare production. To be able to access the SupplyCompass network is what we need at this stage of our business.

Retail Lead at Patch



a new sustainable range with responsibly sourced wood


revenue generated through products produced with SupplyCompass


less time managing production


team members hired to manage this collection

In Conversation With Patch

We recently sat down with Patch and discussed their supply chain, what they are doing to become a more sustainable business, and what’s in store for the future. ⁠

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