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Navigating Uncertainty in Fashion · Webinar SupplyCompass

Webinar: Navigating Uncertainty in the Fashion Industry

45 min webinar, 15 min Q&A Apr 27

Webinar took place on 12 May at 4:30pm BST.

by SupplyCompass in Events

What to expect?

Announcing our webinar, in partnership with Common Objective and Techstyler, on navigating uncertainty in the fashion industry as the world battles the COVID-19 pandemic. The onslaught of COVID-19 has proven that the fashion industry will never look or function the same way again and the deeply embedded systems will necessarily have to be completely redesigned.

This conversation between industry thought leaders with expansive experience across fashion supply chains, technology and sustainability aims to delve into the changing business landscapes that COVID-19 has become responsible for. Encompassing the far-reaching impacts on supply chains, the importance of resilience and relationship building, transitions to digitalisation and a focus on sustainability as one of the biggest drivers, this immersive webinar will help to shape shared visions for a more adaptable, responsible fashion industry.



Flora Davidson · Co-Founder of SupplyCompass

Flora is Co-Founder of SupplyCompass, a product development and production management platform for fashion brands and manufacturers. She started her career working for an innovation and strategy agency working with the likes of Adidas and L’Oréal. She spent 2 formative years living in Mumbai at the start of SupplyCompass, visiting hundreds of factories and suppliers across the country. She remains passionate about harnessing the power of technology to encourage better collaboration, drive efficiency and make sustainable production accessible to fashion brands and supply chains across the globe.


Tamsin Lejeune · Co-Founder & CEO of Common Objective

Tamsin is the Founder of the Ethical Fashion Forum (EFF), the global industry body for sustainable fashion, and the CEO of the Ethical Fashion Group and CO (, a platform that helps fashion professionals to do business better. For 10 years, Tamsin has been building a global movement in the fashion industry, spanning 141 countries. In 2015, she was named by LinkedIn as the most engaged woman in UK Fashion and Retail.


Brooke Roberts-Islam · Founder of Techstyler & Forbes Writer

Brooke Roberts-Islam is an award-winning digital knitwear designer and consultant who co-founded the Brooke Roberts Innovation Agency (BRIA) in 2016, having previously founded the fashion knitwear label Brooke Roberts in 2009, which was stocked in luxury fashion boutiques, including Browns.

Following a previous career as a diagnostic radiographer within the NHS, Brooke used inspiration from scan images of the brain to create knitwear using the latest digital knitting technology and yarns. She subsequently gave a TED talk explaining how she combined radiography and knitwear design to create collections for her knitwear label. Brooke has also been a knitwear consultant for various brands including LVMH brand Loewe, and London-based Qasimi and Osman.

At BRIA, Brooke and her team develop physical and digital materials and design solutions for fashion brands and manufacturers, directly combining her knowledge of the latest developments in the “fashion-tech” sector with her pioneering cross-discipline approach to developing new materials and products. In addition to her design and materials development work, Brooke is a “fashion-tech” and sustainability writer for, Chaos 69, Eco Age and Techstyler—a publishing platform and consultancy she founded—sharing opinions and interviews from the crossroads of these sectors.

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