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Launch of Full-service Platform · Press Release · SupplyCompass

SupplyCompass launches full-service platform – driving sustainability in the fashion industry through digital transformation

4 min read Feb 26

Header Image Source: SupplyCompass

by Roxane Nichols in Press

LONDON, FEBRUARY 2020: Digital supply chain start-up, SupplyCompass, has unveiled its new full-service platform that empowers fashion brands to design and deliver better products, effortlessly. The cloud-based software is set to transform the fashion industry, by digitizing global supply chains and making sustainable sourcing easy for brands and every player in the supply chain. The full-service platform launch follows £1.5m investment in SupplyCompass last year, which launched in the UK in 2018. 

The new design-to-delivery platform brings huge improved functionality for fast-growing fashion brands — making designing, developing, and producing sustainable collections quicker, more efficient, and cost-effective. Through SupplyCompass, brands get instant access to a global network of trusted manufacturers and can develop sustainable collections and gain complete control over production — all in one platform. 

New platform features

Through the SaaS platform, fashion brands are able to design collections, collaborate across teams, create tech packs in minutes, find world-class manufacturers with leading certifications, get instant costs, receive quality samples the first time, manage all production and ultimately have supply chain transparency and traceability – all from one dashboard. With better sourcing practices, SupplyCompass helps brands and factories improve collaboration, drive efficiencies, increase visibility, gather data, and reduce waste. 

Sustainability at the core

In a challenging time for retailers – 1,875 high-street stores shut last year – competition is fierce, and brands are increasingly understanding the importance of investing in innovation and digitization across business models, processes and supply chains. Yet fashion businesses are struggling to keep up; while 88% of consumers hold brands accountable for helping them make a difference, just 1% of new products labelled as sustainable in 2019. More than ever brands need agility to react fast to this global crisis – something SupplyCompass believes can be brought about by new vetted supply chains and a digital solution.

SupplyCompass empowers brands to build better products: better partnerships, better processes, better for people and the planet. The new full-service platform enables brands to design for sustainability at the start, finding the right materials from the right sources and designing for end of life. Through the platform’s holistic solution, brands can control up to 80% of the product’s environmental impact, by discovering sustainable and local materials and using efficient processes – reducing waste and keeping supply chain costs down. Find out more with the SupplyCompass video

The current way of designing and producing goods is unsustainable for people and the planet. We believe that real change and transformation of the industry will only happen with the right combination of technology and collaboration. Through SupplyCompass, we are building the best supply chains and long-term production relationships with commitment, collaboration and transparency at the core, setting a new standard for sustainability in the fashion industry.

Flora Davidson
SupplyCompass Co-Founder

We believe that for sustainable sourcing to enter the mainstream and become the only way to source, it needs to make business sense. If designing and producing sustainably was easier, more efficient, and more cost-effective than conventional ways of sourcing, then everyone will do it.

Gus Bartholomew
SupplyCompass Co-Founder

“SupplyCompass enables brands to meet the increasingly demanding needs of their customers by removing supply chain uncertainty so that they can focus on disrupting and innovating. We are helping them digitize their whole product development and production management, whilst allowing them to plug and play into pre-vetted, responsive and sustainable supply chains, so they can be agile and responsive to their customers’ needs. Our vision is to build the new operating system for supply chains and set the gold standard for global sourcing, with sustainability at the heart.” 

The SupplyCompass difference

SupplyCompass has worked collaboratively with both its brand and manufacturer partners to build the new platform and drive the much-needed change in the supply chain. Unlike other sourcing platforms, SupplyCompass is equally engineered to provide an efficient, sustainable solution for factory partners and brands alike. 

SupplyCompass has handpicked the best manufacturers and suppliers around the world to be part of their network of over 200 carefully selected partners (see manufacturer map). The majority of their network is in India, with some strategically placed partners in Portugal, Nepal, China and Spain. The team personally visits, vets and monitors every single one to ensure they align with SupplyCompass’s values and meet environmental and social guidelines. 

About SupplyCompass 

SupplyCompass is a product development and production management platform that enables fashion brands and manufacturers to produce better, together. The cloud-based software is transforming the fashion industry, by digitalizing global supply chains and making sustainable sourcing easy and cost-effective for brands and every player in the supply chain. The platform enables brands to manage the entire product development, sourcing, and production process from design right through to delivery, all in one place. 

SupplyCompass has also built a network of over 200 supply chain partners, visiting, vetting, and handpicking only the best manufacturers, mills, and suppliers to join. The majority of their network is in India, with some strategically placed partners in Portugal, Nepal, China, and Spain. 

For press enquiries, please contact Head of PR Roxane Nichols on

Roxane Nichols
Head of PR at SupplyCompass

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Roxane has been delivering integrated PR campaigns for world number ones and challenger brands for over a decade. With a career that spans the UK and Australia, she has extensive experience in consumer and corporate PR, experiential and events, and influencer engagement. Roxane has worked across a broad spectrum of sectors including business, sustainability, interiors & retail, property and travel – with an impressive little black book to match. As a result of working for SupplyCompass, Roxane’s relationship with fashion has completely changed. She is far more aware of choosing responsible retailers and designers, and loves shopping second-hand. Roxane is excited by this time of change when sustainability is continually in the news – when consumers, brands and policy makers are all starting to align and really take action.

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