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Introducing our free Moodboard Tool
Apr 20
3 min read

Introducing our free Moodboard Tool

Our Moodboard Tool is free to use and helps teams design together digitally, while they can’t be together physically.

With digital communication tools gaining increasing use as the world adapts to working from home in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, there emerges a need for tools catering to design teams to help them ideate and communicate effectively.

Designed for both fashion brands with global teams and factories to collaborate together, this moodboard tool is designed to make collecting and collating inspiration easy and simple, no matter where you live. Use the tool to add ideas, share with your team members and factories, annotate images with comments from your team and organize them effortlessly on the cloud where they all live, so you will never lose them.

In this unusual time where teams are having to work from home, we realized fashion brands were using all sorts of collaboration tools and video conferencing software for some parts of the business, but not tools specifically designed for the unique needs of fashion brands.

Flora Davidson
SupplyCompass Co-Founder

How does it work?

  • We’ve made it free for all to use. All your need to do is sign up here.
  • Create unlimited moodboards, name and start adding and saving images.
  • Click on your cards to annotate and comment on what you like.
  • Start sharing boards with your team and factories to collaborate.

Add ideas

Upload photos, add a name and description and categorise as material, colour, fit, or component inspiration. This makes it easy to drop inspiration from your Moodboards, directly into your tech packs when you start designing your collection. You can upload images and annotate, or use the colour picker to build a colour palette.


Moodboard colour picker and material image

Create Moodboards, together

Never again lose track of where your saved inspiration for next season’s collection. With the Moodboard tool, save and share ideas instantly and easily with your team. Spending time searching through folders on your desktop, scrolling through your Instagram ‘saved’ feed, or searching through a pile of magazine cutouts, is a thing of the past. Easily collaborate on future collections, wherever you are.


Autumn/Winter Moodboard

Annotating and commenting with your team.

With our clever annotation tool, you can highlight your favorite parts of the image to make it easier for your team to know what to look at and comment on. Share with your team to get their thoughts and ideas, enabling you to design effectively together, without necessarily being physically together.


Annotation and comments from team members

Manage and share boards with your team and factories

Create as many moodboards as you want, and create folders to easily manage. If you sign up to the full SupplyCompass Platform, you can link your Moodboards to Collections, share them with your factories, and drop inspiration into your tech packs.


Storing multiple moodboards and linking them to collections

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SupplyCompass is a product development and production management platform that enables fashion brands and manufacturers to produce better, together. The platform enables brands to manage the entire product development, sourcing and production process from design right through to delivery, all in one place.

Nayanika Bharadwaj
Sustainability and Marketing at SupplyCompass

Nayanika is a designer, writer and illustrator whose work spans research, storytelling and strategy for sustainability in fashion. Her interests specifically lie in sustainable supply chains, craft production/innovation, circular economies and design for social innovation. She graduated from the prestigious MA Fashion Futures program at London College of Fashion with a Distinction in 2019, and has researched at and written for Centre for Sustainable Fashion and Fashion Revolution, amongst others.

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