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Delivering value to Fashion Brands and Manufacturers

Working with Supply Compass makes the complex process of creating clothes simple. It is fast, slick and easy to use. They have their customers at the heart of what they do and are always on hand to help. I thoroughly recommend this platform for any clothing business looking to streamline their processes.

The biggest benefit to working in a platform like SupplyCompass is the clarity for sure. Because everything is just placed very strategically, it’s easy to see if something is in process, is done or needs to be done, and that gives a lot of clarity on where the collection is at that time. It’s a huge benefit to have everything in one place. You don’t really need any other programmes if you have SupplyCompass, because it’s always in one place and it’s always updated.

— Erika

Apparel Manager, Chillhop Music

The Motus Projects

Case Study

The Motus Projects is a British clothing brand that strongly believes in the unity of the parkour community. Their mission is to support its growth through funding community projects, events, and sponsoring upcoming athletes through the sales of high-quality streetwear for the sport. Every Motus collection has a certain theme—whether it is inspired by classic parkour motifs like the Origins collection, or going for good-old street fashion like the ATO collection.

We worked with The Motus Projects to develop a top-selling, 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton collection made in a Fairtrade factory.

Having all the production information and communication in one place saves me and my team a lot of time, and really helps reduce the amount of communication back and forth. It has helped us to improve product quality and just generally make our service better. Plus, it’s super quick and easy to learn—I love it!

— Jambu

Owner of GOTS & GRS certified Jersey factory, India

Patch Plants

Case Study

Patch is a British online plant store helping grey cities become greener by delivering a range of plants straight to your door. Patch wants to work to remove barriers for people living with more plants, and their mission is to create greener, not greyer cities. From their start in 2015, they now have their headquarters in London and their logistics centre in The Netherlands, and they sell their plants UK-wide. They have ambitious expansion plans across mainland Europe in the next years.

The reason that I haven’t embarked on our own manufacturer of our cut and sew shirts before is I’ve always thought that doing it, there must be so many stumbling blocks. How do you source organic cotton, where would I get these made? Who do I speak to when it comes to adjusting the sizing of the sleeve? To actually have a system like SupplyCompass does on their platform whereby I can have a few ideas, upload them onto the moodboard, get an opinion on sizing, then move through to ordering samples or a colour swatch,  all the way through to almost kind of checking out as if it was any kind of online store—for me it’s a brilliant, seamless way of handling production, which I never actually would have thought possible. The whole A-Z is my favourite bit.

The Platform is very user-friendly, it helps us to instantly to give and get feedback, and maintain a proper communication flow between the client and our merchandising team. The biggest benefit is having more clarity on what exactly is required! I would recommend SupplyCompass to both brands and manufacturers so we can all avoid wastage, rework and communication delays.


CSO, Textiles and Garment Manufacturer, South India

I’d love to recommend SupplyCompass! I foresee that this platform is going to bring about a big revolution in this industry, where people are struggling to keep records for communication, filings and approvals. Now they can focus on production and sales! It was my dream to bring some change in this industry; SupplyCompass has come with that idea and I’d love to see people use it.

Working with SupplyCompass has been a refreshing change; they are transparent and upfront, and they treat you as an equal in the partnership to make the business succeed.